Glitter Demand is Up

Or at least glitter production is up.  I bought this “Pop Art” color collection at Michael’s for $2 because their marketing department has figured out I’m a glitter crackwhore.  BTW the cameras in big box retail chain stores are not used for theft prevention as much as they are there to record our body language and facial expressions for marketing purposes.  In my case, I went “OOO!” and grabbed for the package so fast I probably ensured expansion of the product line.  Then I had to search the dollar bin area for the components to make a good glitter crack pipe because I’m too classy to smoke my glitter through the tube of a ballpoint pen.

Meanwhile, holy shit gay people need to watch their back.  ABC reports that a wedding photograph of recently married couple Brian Edwards and Tom Privetere was jacked, ‘Shopped and used in an anti-gay attack ad by a hate group.  The morons that stole their image obviously don’t know basic copyright law, or don’t care.  I think it’s time to add itching powder to the glitter bombs.

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