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Artist of the Week: Kevin Lahvic

Kevin Lahvic’s current portrait series pulls together a lot of his previous series into one and prove that if y0u keep at making art, your work will evolve and someday mutate into something amazing.  The works are large scale pixelated images painted on canvas, often the pixel squares are softened with rings and painted in many layers.   There is a lot of brush work and colors mottled into each square.   The bottom layer of the painting has relief images of his “Faces” series, text and/or shapes.  His enjoyment of metallic and pearlescent paints in his trees and decorative paintings join the color palette of these portraits.  Every viewing and and every viewing distance reveals different aspects of the painting.

Kevin Lahvic is a great example of an artist that is truly creative.  His work goes into traditional painting, cartoons, music and digital media.  He goes with his ideas and keeps at what interests him and this shows in his work.

A Face in the Crowd by Kevin Lahvic

A Face in the Crowd by Kevin Lahvic [detail]

See more work and the different creative outlets for Kevin Lahvic at his website here or catch an open studio event at First Fridays at the Flat Iron Arts Building in Chicago.

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