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Recycled Art: Denim Yoga Mat Bag

I sewed a yoga mat bag out of torn jeans from my HBBF.  Here it how to sew your own yoga mat bag.  Old, broken in jeans are so soft; it’s nice to be able to recycle the fabric.  Use a heavy needle made for denim, or even a leather grade needle if you tend to break them on the sewing machine.  You can hand sew this if you want to.  Doing it by hand will just take longer.  Most of the seams are already in place with this design.  It was really easy to make! Here are the steps:

  1. Cut a leg off.  Make sure the cut leg is longer than the mat.  Make a rolled seam on the wide edge where you just cut, sew it in place: this will be the top of the yoga mat bag.
  2. Cut a circle of denim slightly larger than the bottom leg opening.  Sew the circle into place on the bottom of the jeans leg.
  3. Make a strap by cutting along a hem on the second leg of the jeans and sew the cut edge shut.  I used heavy button thread and hand sewed the strap onto the body of the bag.  Make sure the strap is a little slack so that it is easy to put over your shoulder.
  4. Cut two slits in the rolled edge of the top of the bag.  Use a bodkin or a large safety pin to hold a wide ribbon and pull it through the rolled seam, giving you a way to cinch the bag closed and tie the opening.

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