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I Attacked a Wall

Pumping Station: One hackerspace has moved to its new location and we are still unpacking and organizing. Among all of the possible projects available, the thing I wanted to hack the most was the space itself.  Saying “have at it” in an open meeting for decorative painting over the freshly painted white walls of a new space was carte blanche for experimentation.  Also, I really hate blank white walls.  They are boring and we were surrounded by them.

I watered down my remaining Process inks in dish detergent bottles, put down plastic painter’s sheets on the floor then got down to brass tacks Jackson Pollock style.  I was so giddy; I always wanted to splatter paint a wall.  I got a ladder, started at the top and let the colors run in long drips and blend.  To giver credit where it’s due, I took the idea from street art by mobstr and went with Process colors and more control.

Someone, I think maybe Ryan, was sitting with another person watching and said “Watching paint dry wasn’t interesting until Shellie came along!”  I was having so much fun.  Unfortunately, the colors dried much paler than they were when wet and the wall has been declared to resemble an Easter egg.  Next time I would not use as much water and keep the acrylic inks at a thicker consistency.  I have used acrylic inks and acrylic paints interchangeably: silkscreening acrylic paints with GOLDEN silkscreen medium, water and glycerin and painting with Speedball acrylic water-based inks.  Yay for the acrylic molecule!

The plastic sheet caught a majority of the mess, but the taped edge at the bottom of the wall was not a good enough seal since I used electrical tape.  I had to mop up a good amount of inks but I cleaned up right away so nothing dried on the floor.  Also, taping off the outlet with a piece of plastic was a good call.  Just a mental note that electrical tape is not a substitute for blue painter’s tape.

Other people may add to or paint over the wall.  At least there is something on it for now.  I enjoyed making it and the wall area will most likely be needed for storage.  I chose the Process inks because they are fast-drying acrylic and bright, offering pops of color through anything that is placed in front of the wall.

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