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Pour Painting Part 2

I posted how to make a pour painting using Process colors that blend together and create new colors at random.  This is an easy way to make a painting and I used it as an alternative to a solid color field background which I later evolved to a faster method.  I returned to the the idea of the pour painting and wanted more detail, a more energetic background.  The CMYK Process colors I used were Speedball silkscreen inks for paper.

I used two coats of white spray paint on canvas.  Primed canvas is white, but it is a duller grayish shade of white, not bright white.  I used distilled water to dilute the inks to about 50% strength and dripped them outdoors using dish detergent bottles.  The bottles worked better than I expected.  I was happy with the amount of control and being able to drip the different paint colors across the canvas and vary the colors.  It would be very easy to cover a large surface area this way.  If I try this method again, I think I will mist the canvas down with a layer of water so the splatters and drops of color can flow around and mix together more.

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