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Anti-Crafting for the Sake of Subversion

I have stated it before and I will state it again: women are discouraged from being artists, but we are encouraged to craft our adorable little brains out.  Part of this reinforcement is meant to keep us interested in going shopping versus being creative.  I wish I had a dollar for every hour I spent making quilts or hot gluing fake flowers onto things.  Enough women have caught onto the social encouragement to be feminine crafty crafters and have embraced traditional crafting in order to subvert it.

In addition to Yarn Bombing street graffiti like KNITTA and others splinter groups making public work, people are subverting crafting techniques and materials in their private worlds.  Here is a round-up of five sites, many of which have published books, that are turning crafting inside out.


MyPhotoStitch.com is a free cross stitch pattern generator that just came across my radar.  I tried to run some of my Photoshop designs through the pattern generator.  The tool would work better with simpler designs.  It is free, so give it a try.  I ran my silkscreen Burqa Barbie Joins the Global Jihad through but I was not satisfied with the results.  Aim for using graphic or high contrast art and you will get better results.

SubversiveCrossStitch.com offers patterns and kits.  They are one of the older online craft subversion sites, at least that I am aware of.  Their home page currently states they have been up and running for ten years.

A popular site is by the pattern designing husband and wife team at STEOTCH, frequently featured on Regretsy.com and just generally hilarious.  There is an excellent chance I will order a pattern from them and bring out some of my old embroidery hoops.  I already have all this needlework crap anyway, may as well use it.

I have the book and am familiar with DomiKNITrix by Jennifer Stafford. (“Whip your knitting into shape” is the subtitle for the black rubber clad book.)  In your face, vanilla knitting!

There is also theAntiCraft.com and their book shown above.  It has an array of Goth patterns that will confuse your granny.  I plan to knit the toy squid for the next friend that reproduces, because children need squids.

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