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Product Review: Blick Artist’s Black Gesso

The Blick economy brand of Black Artist’s Gesso ($10 for 1 quart) is a good product.  It is like a matte India ink, very opaque, pleasantly fluid and a little goes a long way.  I have been tired of regular white gesso and have never had tried a black gesso before.  I realized I should try some black gesso out when I painted two layers of black acrylic paint over a wooden panel primed with white gesso.

I can’t give you the specifics on the exact color via chemical content.  There is an error on the label listing the colorant as titanium dioxide, which must be true for their brand of white gesso.  I would describe it as a matte ivory black; it’s a very deep black and neither seems to lean towards being blue or brown.  If you like working with black illustration board, give this gesso a try; the intensity of the black is much better.

I had a great time using Prismacolor pencils over two layers of acrylic paint with the multimedia art work below.  I let the gesso show through and sealed it with Kamar varnish.  Gesso is absorbent; I really recomend sealing any exposed gesso to keep dust, oils from your hands and other unwanted materials from getting embedded in the gesso.

Mayan Mask by Shellie Lewis, Prismacolor & acrylics on illustration board, 11″ x 17″

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