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Artist Tip: Acrylic Paint and Pastels

I tried a new way to combine two different art mediums.  I previously posted about trying wet techniques using dry drawing pastels. I decided to take this experiment one step further.  I scumbled different earth colors -browns, yellows and a rust color- onto a piece of illustration board.  I then painted over the pastels with a pale yellow shade of acrylic paint.  I thinned the acrylic paints down with a lot of GOLDEN GAC-100 painting medium for a high level of transparency so the pastels can show through the layer of paint.  The dry pastels melted into the paint and were pushed around when they became wet.  This was a lot of fun and had some interesting effects.

I used clear acrylic medium to glue down leaves I dried in the pages of a book.  I brushed a generous layer of the clear medium on the bottom and over the top of all the leaves.  I went over the leaves with some of the pale yellow acrylic paint and different pastels with washes of water.  When it dried, I sealed the whole work with a layer of spray on Kamar varnish.  I’m pretty amped about my autumn leaves collage.

I would try to paint on a leaf, maybe by starting with a little gesso; but I ran out of leaves.  Maybe I till try that in the future.  It’s a long way until fall comes around again.


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