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Art Appreciation Zine by Kirsten Valentine

Art Appreciation, Volume 1: The Old Guitarist, 1904, by Pablo Picasso by Kirsten Valentine is a simple photocopied nine page Zine I picked up for $2 at Chicago Comics.  I hope to see more of these.  They do something I have wanted for a long time: make art about people viewing art.  I started to film people gliding along the walls and taking cellular phone camera pictures in one of the Impressionist galleries in September 2010 but was chased out by security.

I can imagine she used a camera phone or small camera to capture her subjects.  I love the idea of lurking and recording people’s comments.  Most days at the museum, just seeing how the general public conducts themselves in front of centuries worth of priceless human expression can be astounding.  The comic format with a photocopy of the painting in each frame is clever.  I would have taken a photograph of the work on the wall just so I would not have to re-draw the frame in each panel.

I brought this home with a few others to show my HBBF.

“Honey!   Look what I found… Zines!”   Shows handful of small publications.

“Oh shit, people are still doing those?” he said.

“Yeah.  Isn’t it great?”

Keep on making small press publications all of you cartoonists, comic artists and writers.  There is plenty of paper and ink to go around.  See more art by Kirsten Valentine at her blog here.

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