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Artist of the Week: Angelo Musco

Pelagic by Angelo Musco, C-print printed on metallic photo paper and mounted between aluminum and Plexiglas, 72″ x 48″, total edition of 10, 2010

The large, complex digital and photographic works of Angelo Musco have a stunning visual impact.  I watched person after person in the crowd at Art Chicago / NEXT 2011 literally come to a halt and be transfixed by Pelagic, shown above.  The word “pelagic” itself means “of or pertaining to the open seas or oceans”.  The models in this image are transformed into a complex school of fish echoing a nature documentary.  I was thrilled by the new treatments of nudes by the artist.  Each work in this series speaks to our life on earth as a complex collective of human beings.

Some images show inter-connectedness with literal physical contact as the many models are arranged in elaborate displays, both in studio shoots and with under water photography.  Printed works are in blueish silver, sepia earth tones and black and white.  The inter-connectedness of humanity is often paired with natural phenomenon, such as Nest where a ring of models cradle a pregnant woman or Murmek where humans are tunneled through the earth like ants.

Tehom [detail] by Angelo Musco

Definitely see the artist’s portfolio website and the video below.  The portfolio website is here. This statement is with the video below:

Angelo Musco is a Naples-born artist active in New York City since 1997. This promotional piece is a compilation of his various photo shoots and the projects that evolve from those shoots. It is not only a behind-the-scenes document, but also a call for models to volunteer to partake. Register to be a part of the creative experience at http://www.angelomusco.com/registration.

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