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WePay is Better Than Etsy


I posted a previous review of my favorable experiences with a free WePay online store.  I want to revisit this issue because Etsy has now emailed its users to roll out and activate a direct checkout payment service for major credit cards.  Here’s the catch: the fees are almost the same as PayPal.

Under this new model, Etsy will take $0.25 fee per transaction and 3% commission in addition to the standard per item listing fees and 3.5% sales commission.  People that use the direct checkout payment feature are effectively doubling Etsy’s take of each sale.  Instead of giving a better rate to its users, Etsy wants to pocket money that is going to PayPal.  My upside would be $0.05 and 0.5% savings per sale, a mere fraction of the benefit Etsy gets.

Gee, thanks a lot Etsy.

I neither love Etsy enough to want to give them more cash flow nor hate PayPal quite enough to give up their public name recognition and security guarantees.  I know a lot of people have PayPal horror stories and they are generally known for their abominable customer service.  I have no viable motivation to activate direct checkout payment services on my Etsy account.  They are simply offering this service in the interest of their own financial gain.

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