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Angry With Advertising

Advertising by Shellie Lewis, collage and acrylics on illustration board, 11″ x 17″, 2012

I generally don’t look at a whole lot of print media for newspapers and magazines.  I’m glad I don’t because the saturation of sexism in them is almost amazing.  I tend to pick up the free papers and magazines that are so heavily distributed around Chicago, including the Red Eye.  Free papers I take mostly are used to prevent paint spills on the floor or tables.

The majority of the pictures in this collage came from four sources.  I felt like putting them in a collage because I was surprised by how much garbage hit my retinas in such a small amount of print media.  The Red Eye is a short form newspaper that most people are done with in five to ten minutes.  Today’s Chicago Woman magazine is actually a really good source for images reinforcing hyperthin lookism.  The magazine is for women but it sure as shit isn’t feminist, especially when it comes to where the rubber hits the road on advertising revenue.  If I actually had a typical phonebook thick fashion magazine to make a collage collecting images that reinforce the stereotypical young / white / thin aesthetic, I would probably have to buy a sheet of plywood to work on.  I avoid fashion magazines.  They are depressing and all the perfume sample sheets make me sneeze.

At least I can feel the love for Iggy Pop for fighting sexism.  Thanks, Iggy!

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