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Artist of the Week: Trisha Oralie Martin

Breathing In City Clouds was a multi-media art display and installation by Trisha Oralie Martin that combined photography, paper mache, a large paper sculpture and small hand bound books.  The centerpiece paper and basket weaving spline sculpture was huge and was very interesting to walk around.  I wish it had been in its own gallery space, since I pick up other artist’s work a little in the background of the rest of the MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts work on display.  The photograph above is one view of the work.

The installation was the culmination of a large project within the community.  The artist describes the work the better in her short artist statement:

Keeping in mind that our world is quickly deteriorating, I present the challenge to look outside ourselves and act as a community to learn from one another.  This idea stems from a basic principle of Filipino philosophy, a holistic world view, where he considers himself, his fellowmen and his relationship with the visible and invisible world as one.  This is what I call art as action, where a group of people are brought together to actively create art to communicate an issue that is important to the community.

Breathing In City Clouds engages the youth of Bridgeport, a southside Chicago neighborhood, to create multi-media works to spark dialogue about the effects of the coal fired power plants in our community.  Process and collaboration are integral to my artistic practice.  The ideas and questions that are created during discussion and interaction are where I find art in action and the possibility for sustainability of a community.

She has a new blog started at TrishaOralie.Blogspot.com but as of this post, the site has nothing on it yet.  She lists an email at trishaomartin@gmail.com. See the short video I shot below of the complete work as it was on display.

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