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Digital Art by Ruby Cross

A Sunny Witch Day by Ruby Cross, digital collage

I know I have gone hard line over the years on defining art as actual art being made by hand; anything else is a copy of the art.  I have one exception to this: digital art.  Since the work was created digitally, multiples are not copies of an original -as there is no original physical art work.  the art is made of data and is thus fine to show up in repeated print forms and computer screens.

Two recently acquired ACEOs by Ruby Cross of Shy Necessities perfectly describe this idea of digital art without a fixed original.  She makes her work as digital photo-collages.  I’m okay with people working digitally.  I work digitally.  I am just fed up with people that want to paint something once and sell it a multitude of times.  I’m trying to sell original work in the price range of their petty photocopy prints and posters; they’re cutting into my market by calling facsimiles art.

Little Witches in Blue by Ruby Cross, digital collage

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