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Artist of the Week: Guerra de la Paz

Military Pieta by Guerra de la Paz, fabric / clothing, 2005

Guerra de la Paz is an artistic duo like Christo & Jean Claude.  Alain Guerra and Neraldo de la Paz from Cuba use a variety of art mediums and are best known for creating installation art and sculptures using old clothing.  They create works that critique warfare, conflicts, capitalism and commercialism.  The clothing often represents a symbol of the person who had worn it or should be wearing it and have the clothing item in their possession.  The clothing article proves the existence of its former wearer and represents humanity.


Tribute by Guerra de la Paz, fabric / clothing, 2002- 2012

Neraldo de la Paz and Alain Guerra make art from the leftovers of people’s lives: their clothing.  The most casual clothing of modern life, the t-shirt, is transformed into something new and beautiful.  Like ancient megaliths (massive stone structures), Tribute is a monument to the unknown people who produced these shirts as well as those who wore them.  The vast number of garments and the emptiness they represent serve as powerful reminders of absence and loss.  [Morbid Curiosity show pamphlet.]


See more of their work at their website here.  Click to enter and sit back for the amazing slide show.  The video below is an eight minute interview and review of the work of the artists.  Definitely see the video because the sculptures are not only shown but some are stop-motion and/or computer animated them, adding a new dimension to the work.

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