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Artist of the Week: Steve Lambert


I classify the art of Steve Lambert as sarcasm with a smile.  He crafts together snark and social critique with the deft skills of a seasoned comedian.  Lambert uses text a lot and my particular favorites are his retro-style electric light up signs installation art.  He best explains his work in his artist statement:

For me, art is a bridge that connects uncommon, idealistic, or even radical ideas with everyday life. I carefully craft various conditions where I can discuss these ideas with people and have a mutually meaningful exchange. Often this means working collaboratively with the audience, bringing them into the process or even having them physically complete the work.

I want my art to be relevant to those outside the gallery – say, at the nearest bus stop – to reach them in ways that are engaging and fun. I intend what I do to be funny, but at the core of each piece there is also a solemn critique. It’s important to be able to laugh while actively questioning the various power structures at work in our daily lives.

I have the unabashedly optimistic belief that art changes the way people look at the world. That belief fuels a pragmatic approach to bring about those changes.

Capitalism Works For Me! True / False by Steve Lambert, 9′ x 20′ x  7′, aluminum and electrical.

See more work by Steve Lambert at his website here.

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