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Recycled Silkscreen Artist Trading Cards

I threw the practice prints I made for the silkscreen process demonstration last weekend in the trash can, then I wound up taking them back out.  I like process colors a lot and although the overall silkscreen prints I tossed were bad, I realized that parts of the prints were nice.  This lead to some bright artist trading cards.  They have a rainbow tie dye effect going for them.  The pastel one was from when I sponged the screen clean with a wet paper towel to set more colors in place because the old ones were getting muddy.

I had originally wanted to just have each card with the colors as the were screen printed but HBBF felt they were too boring.  I pulled out a favorite craft store rubber stamp and this wound up being my final design.  I wish I would have thought to stamp the prints first, then cut out the card shape.  I was hard to stamp on the small surface area and none of them are too straight.  That’s where I have to say “it’s hand-made” and move on from being too control freaky and bent on perfectionism.  Two layers of my favorite varnish really brought up the colors and gave the cards a nice gloss finish.

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