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Crayons & Egg Dye

This is another post on how to dye Easter eggs!  I previously used a masking method to put patterns on Easter eggs, but crayons are another method to control the dye.  I used a blue and white crayon on the lower egg, dipping the egg in different colors of dye between crayon scribbles.  I used a colorless / white crayon on the top egg and went from the pink to the purple dye.  Some people put the eggs in the oven to evaporate the crayon wax off and dye where the crayon had previously blocked the dye out.  I find it is easiest to just use the crayons and keep dipping layers of different colors.

Dyeing eggs is way more fun when you have friends that can paint and who understand color theory.   We started out with friends, a bottle of cheap red and a huge lasagna and wound up with some really great eggs.  Guess what I had for breakfast?


Michael’s multi-stripe, many dye layer egg.

Kind of Ukranian inspired wax resist egg.

 Classic Sleepy Hollow dead tree motif egg.  (I’m just making these up.)


Pam’s fabulous tie dye effect egg.

Heather’s unhappy zombie egg from the egg that cracked while boiling and had a fleshy flap protruding.

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