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Artist of the Week: Carolus Enckell

Supra by Carolus Enckell, 50.5 x 220.5 cm, 2008

I can’t say a whole lot about Carolus Enckell.  I am not finding a web presence for him such as articles or a portfolio site.  Two database sites I looked at seem to confirm that he is a painter and installation artist, born in 1945 and hails from Helsinki, Finland, if their information is correct.

I just have this one work I saw at Art Chicago / NEXT 2010 to write about.  Supra seemed to be a combination of aluminum, plastics or sheets of acrylic.  Filming it was a problem, it was reflecting black, white and red from a large painting across the hall and my hands and camera.  This is definitely a very phenomenological work.  The colors refracted, light reflected and color combinations changed as you moved around the box-like structure and viewed the organic, lined-based shapes inside.  I would categories this as a wall-mounted sculpture.  Of course, anything shiny has the power to command my tiny, limited attention span; this was the pinnacle of shiny art.  It was a gorgeous use of contemporary materials.

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