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Artist Tip: Water and Pastels

Masks by Shellie Lewismultimedia collage with pastels, 11.25″ x 17.25″, 2012

I tried a suggestion to use a wet paintbrush with regular soft pastels.  I laid down the colors dry and went over them with a wide flat brush than was a bit more than just damp.  I never tried this before.  I used regular, soft pastels, but there are brands of dry pastels coming out that are made to be water soluble.  I learned the colors melt together but do not flow like thinned paint or watercolour.  You can continue to mark on the page with the pastels while it is wet or go back and work over the area again when it has dried.

I had used acrylic gel medium to paste the magazine photographs to the gray paper.  I used a wash of thinned gesso, pastels and the waterproof ink in my Rapidograph pens.  Please note that the ink needs to dry fully to be waterproof.  I used a few layers of Krylon matte fixative to seal the work when it was done.  I was just sort of noodling around; it was fun and I like the results.

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