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Fun Stuff: Easy Garden Stones

A grouping of mosaic garden tiles I made with Girl Scouts is holding up well.  They were a donation to and sit in front of a local church as a gift to commemorate its 100th anniversary.  I would have rather they were put indoors through the winter, but no one really has the time to mess with something like that.  They have held up well through the past two years.  The larger center mosaic was made with a large plastic craft store mold.  We only had one of these molds and a lot of kids involved in the project.  I had to come up with a solution for all of the Brownies and Daisies that would not cost too much; I decided to use cheap aluminum pie plates for the small mosaics.  This is a good project to do in anticipation of summer gardening!

Here are the steps:

  1. Have the kids select the mosaic pieces they want to use.  Glass beads, drops of glass, pieces of glass and pieces of glazed ceramic tile work well.  Beads, buttons, sea shells and pebbles are great.  Kids will noodle around, so this step can take the longest.  Have them gather their goodies in a cup or bowl before proceeding to step 2.  They all wore cheap garden gloves to prevent anything sharp being a problem and to keep wet cement from touching their skin.
  2. Mix up a big bucket of Quikrete or similar brand of fast drying cement.  I used a plastic bucket and a wooden paint stirring stick to mix the dry cement with water.  Wear gloves, safety glasses and a dust mask while mixing.  It helps if you can do this part outdoors.  You want the cement to be just liquid enough to pour.
  3. Pour a layer of wet cement in the aluminum pie pans, put in a pre-cut section of chicken wire or wire mesh to strengthen the cement, pour the rest of the cement in to fill the pie pan.
  4. Push the pieces of the mosaic into the wet cement for the design.
  5. Let them sit overnight to dry.  I was thinking the pie pans would have to be peeled off of the dried cement disks, but they just popped right off.

There are different ways to make a garden mosaic stone with more involved processes using grout and sealant.  I needed a fast and low cost method for this project which is the most basic and direct method.   We put down a lot of plastic table coverings before starting.  The kids were all really well behaved and everything went great.  Nobody even spilled!  When “cement” is a new art supply, kids pay attention.

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