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Shepard Fairey Mural Totally Tagged

Today, I returned to the Belmont L platform to get a photo of the large tag mural spray painted over the Shepard Fairey mural near Clark & Belmont.  I don’t know how long this has existed, I just saw it yesterday.  I had time and the light was good so I rode the rails.

This is both irony and meta: a street artist tagged a spray paint mural all over a sanctioned mural of a former street artist / tagger who is now a mainstream and/or fine artist on a building that sells his art work and his fashion line.  My HBBF wondered if the tagger knew he was painting over the Shep, similar to the three kids that mugged Rosa Parks and did not know she was ROSA PARKS.  I think they had to know.  It is standard practice to not tag or mural paint fine art, even public fine art.  The homies in Joliet respect this rule and this generally is the case in Chicago.  This could be interpreted on different levels: burn; keepin’ it real; adding to the work; communication to the Shep; appropriation of fame by drawing attention to themselves with the work over on the Shep.  Maybe it is a combination of factors.  I can only speculate.

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