Awesome Art Day

I had an awesome art day today; Noelle and I went roving downtown.  The weather was amazing all day, warm and sunny.  I would say that we got some fresh air, but we live in a major city ergo there is not such thing as “fresh air” -especially on really hot summer days when the television news has “ozone alerts” for smog.  In a major city, there is inside air and there is outside air but there is such thing as “fresh air”.  If you want “fresh air” move to the country.  Thus, we got a lot of outside air.

We had a sushi-to-go picnic lunch in the park followed by the popular pastime: Fashion Model.  Frequently but not exclusively the territory of fashion students, public park photography and anything involving the skyline increases in warmer weather.  This pastime was further enhanced by having a friend that dressed up super great, did her hair and make-up to the hilt and has actually done modeling before.  If you have a camera and a friend with keen fashion sense that likes being photographed, you can play, too.

Part two of our awesome art day is called Caffeine High.  We marched toward the Starbucks across from Millennium Park with a precision ants would have complimented.  I’m always quietly amazed at how coffee shop baristas can perfectly put together hundreds of drinks an hour.  I’m pretty sure I’d get fired from that job in about fifteen minutes.  Also, I never noticed this before, but there is an assemblage art work hanging on a wall in that store.  I will call it Cappuccino Steam Punk.

Part three of our awesome art day was going through the current exhibits on display at the Cultural Center until we completely ran out of attention span and our brains were full.  I definitely hit visual overload; there is just a point where I don’t feel like I can process any more complexity.  The upside is that I will have much art stuff to blog about and share here.

On the way out, I noticed a janky sign on the newspaper vending machines.  At first, I thought it may have been handmade, but then I realized that there was two of them.  They were both identical.  I like to imagine the back story to things like this, how they came into existence.  In this case, a boss for a newspaper distributor tells an employee “We need a sign for when the vending machines break.  Get it done and print it out, but don’t spend more than ten minutes on it.”  Viola.

The awesome art day ended with the train ride back to da ‘hood.  I was not able to get a photograph, because of a time limitation and a desire to keep my valuable seat on the train in the pre-rush-hour onslaught, but I noticed that someone mega tagged the Shepard Fairey OBEY GIANT mural on the Belmont Army building.  Someone did a big multi-color tag mural over the Shep.  That is both irony and meta: a street artist tagged a spray paint mural all over a sanctioned mural of a former street artist and tagger who is now a mainstream and/or fine artist on a building that sells his art work and his fashion line.

I will try and get a photograph of this if I can.  No promises; street art things can change really fast.  It will be a long time before I have the emotional resources to decide if the idea of Cuppuccino Steam Punk or a tagger tagging a former tagger was the best part of the day.

3/16/2012 UPDATE: I got it!

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