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Vietnamese Bakery Lunar New Year Photos

Chinese lunar new year is celebrated by many Asian cultures, and the Vietnamese bakery near my home decked out their small combination bakery and restaurant through February.  These photos are from the beginning of the month of February.  Lots of colorful paper decorations were put up and specialty foods were prepared.  The owners closed for three days to celebrate during the new year and passed out gift envelopes to people who returned when they reopened.  I won a gift coupon for a free sandwich.  How nice!  This is their way of showing gratitude to their patrons.

Vietnamese sandwiches use French bread and many elements of French cuisine were absorbed by and combined with Vietnamese cuisine from contact with and colonization by France circa 1860 through 1945.  If you are not familiar with a Vietnamese sandwich, you can get all sorts of Vietnamese lunch meats and vegetables -even total vegetarian and vegan contents- on a nice fresh baked French roll.  They also sell French rolls and breads in bulk.  I’m really keen on the sweet and spicy hot pork sandwich with cilantro.  They added pork and shrimp fried egg rolls to their menu recently and also do great dessert croissants.  I love a good hot steamed banh bao bun with a bit of Sriracha sauce.  Tasty, low cost and right near my apartment; a sandwich or banh bao is under $4.00.  I love my local Vietnamese bakery.

These are just low res camera phone pictures.  I am carrying a decent pocket camera more often, ever since the last ditch shot I took to catch an interesting combination of light a weather.

Celebration table

I’m not 100% sure, but these spicy pork rolls are to my understanding more of a family style “egg roll” which Vietnamese folks like the size of a large Mexican burrito.

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