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Artist of the Week: Salem Barker

Salem Barker’s website states his focus is “Fine Art Contemporary Wood Sculpture made one of a kind from naturally fallen trees for the interior environment.”  He also works in stone and some pieces have assemblage elements.  I met him last summer and really liked the sense of movement the works had.  Salem Barker aims for perfection in the handling of materials.  His is the practice of processing the material of the sculpture into a very intentional finished work with no rough hewn or raw elements.

The beauty of the wood and stone pieces, just the beauty of the materials used themselves, were attracting a lot of people.  I found that the sculpture in the round works had interest from many different viewing angles because the composition of each work was so carefully considered.  The show was outdoors and the stone work below is actually much more translucent that the photograph shows.  When the sun moved behind the sculpture, it has a gorgeous rosy glow.  I liked it when I first saw it in the shade of his tent, but when the sun moved behind the work and through the stone was a real “wow!” moment.

Portal by Salem Barker, 24″ tall

Untitled by Salem Barker, “145 year old shag-bark hickory tree mounted to black granite.
This gear industry inspired sculpture incorporates a spline gear, spiral bevel gear, and a curved gear rack.”

Hypoid by Salem Barker, “Hypoid exhibits a harmony between industry and nature, almost doing a dance.  The sculpture is made of black walnut wood and pivots freely atop the granite and walnut base.” 

Illumina by Salem Barker, bronze, 22″ tall

Salem Barker’s gallery images on his website allow you to scroll over multiple photographs of each work and see them from different viewing angles.  This gives the viewer a better idea of how complex each one is.  See more of his work here.

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