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Four Media Updates in My World

I just received an influx of media information all at once related to different prior posts here on my blog:

1. Art Chicago / NEXT / Artropolis 2012 is canceled.  Oh no!  This is terrible for me, just terrible.  I look forward to this event every year and go every day.  I have nothing to look forward to this spring now.  This is my primary opportunity to see in person the work of and meet in person current artists from across the country and internationally.  This made up the bulk of my YouTube channel as I shared what I found to embed here.  Also, it was a major chance for me to see with my own eyes the ebb and tide of historic works by major names, here in Chicago and actually for sale.  One year there were a lot of late 1980s Warhol silkscreens on paper; another year there were many works by Robert Motherwell.  Last year, I saw an amazing etching by Rembrandt of “The Prodigal Son” for $25,000; the oldest printmaking work I had seen for sale at Art Chicago.  A woodcut by Picasso went up for $250,000 was the most expensive printmaking work that I had ever seen for sale.

With spaces starting at $6,000 and the fact that last year two floors were combined into one, I would have hoped financial issues had been adjusted for the economy.  Maybe a lot of gallerists pulled out because there was a lot of anger over this change -a lot.  I spoke with three European galleries presenting work and had the impression they had been given conflated expectations for sales by the show’s promoters.  A few people openly said they were disappointed at the lack of sales and attendees.  I still maintain that Chicago has a tough to non-existent art market.

2. Helen Ziga and her daughter Beatrice were featured on FOX News Atlanta.  This family are fighting the cancer like champs, continuing with ongoing fundraisers and educating other people about this rare disease.  I donated art to the fundraising Etsy site and they are also taking direct donations from PayPal on their main site here.


6-Year-Old Girl Battles Rare Form of Cancer: MyFoxATLANTA.com

3. I went to court yesterday for the hearing on the Motion to Dismiss the case against Chris Drew for audio recording his own arrest.  Oddly, I also keep running into people that do not know it is illegal to record a police officer on duty out in public.  This case has been ongoing for over two years and this was an important hearing.  The etiquette in court is different from any other I have experienced because I am used to Joliet and Will County where you sit like a statue and nothing else.  Silence is expected of attendees in any court room.  In Chicago, people stand up to show support for whomever is going in front of the judge and sometimes get in a hopeful wave or gesture to incarcerated friends and family, many people going as far to the front of the seating area as is allowed.  We all stood at once and I feel it was helpful as the judge did notice the supporters in attendance.  We wore fabric patches from the Art Patch Project.  Other attendees that stood, being two to four people strong, were ignored, but we were told to sit down.  The Chicago Tribune covered the story here.

4. Chicago is considering to restart a Cultural Plan, something which has not existed since Mayor Harold Washington.  This may help working artists and the city and be a venue for artists like me to be able to street vend our work legally.  People in Chicago can join the dialogue and follow developments at this website:


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