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Racist Blog is the Source of Vehicle Sticker Controversy

I cited a Chicagoist article in the prior post comments which confirms the anonymous police blogger “Detective Shaved Longcock” is the source of the conflict that came down on the City Clerk’s office and led to the removal of the art work by Herbert Pulgar under allegations of it containing gang symbols. I took a good look at the “cop humor” of one said “Detective Shaved Longcock” and there is more racism on this blog than a whole KKK weekend rally could provide.  This source, lacking any credibility as a journalist but with a boasted wide reader base, whipped up an online action, which got in the media and framed a fifteen year old.  

I cannot believe it is 2012 and anyone has the nerve to try and pawn off overt racism as “cop humor”.  Calling someone a “Mixed Breed Savage” on the same page that uses the words “Negro” and “Colored” for African-Americans is protected free speech but absolutely racist.

This is offensive to the public and offensive to police officers with integrity.  It is appalling that this source was taken seriously and did so much damage.  Since I followed the story on NBC Chicago online, I can only wonder who did the fact checking and track-backs to the origin of the allegations.  Was there any fact checking or was staff at NBC drunk at the time?  I hope that the attorney for Herbie Pulgar considers suing Detective Shaved Longcock for libel against his client.  Even better, I hope young Herbie Pulgar’s attorney finds this schmuck and makes the libel case a class action suit.

I thought I smelled skunk.  I felt this conflict had racist origins and it sure sucks to have been correct.  Meanwhile, take a nice long look at some screen grabs I took today directly from the blog.

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