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Stickergate: Political Reactions Keep Getting Worse

The Chicago Sun-Times states that Chicago is ceasing the program of having an art contest for kids and will use some professional “in house” service for future city stickers.  This is worse, now all the kids in the city are losing something.  The creator of the art with the second most votes has pulled her art work.  Using any of the children’s art has been scrapped for 2012; trashing the entire program is punishing scores of hopeful young artists in perpetuity.

I am protesting the proposed elimination of this program.  If you want to join me, let’s start at the source:

Address: 121 N LaSalle St Room 107, Chicago, IL 60602
 Phone: 312-74-CLERK (2-5375)
 Email: cityclerk@cityofchicago.org
 Fax: 312-744-0283 
 TYY: 312-744-2939 (Deaf and Hard of Hearing callers only)

City sticker runner-up doesn’t want design used amid controversy

BY KARA SPAK Staff Reporter/kspak@suntimes.com February 11, 2012 4:42PM

Story ImageResurrection High School senior Caitlin Henehan’s city sticker design. Henehan said she doesn’t want her design to be used amid the controversy.

Updated: February 12, 2012 2:24AM

Another Chicago city sticker bites the dust.

Resurrection High School senior Caitlin Henehan, who won the city’s annual vehicle sticker design contest by default last week after Chicago City Clerk Susana Mendoza pulled the winning design because of concerns about gang symbols, has requested that her sticker not be used in the face of “unwanted media and public scrutiny and criticism of her artwork that soon followed,” Mendoza said in a statement Saturday.

“While our daughter truly enjoyed participating in the design contest and was proud to see Chicago select her as the first runner up, what should have been a happy accomplishment in her life has now turned sour,” Caitlin’s parents, Marty and Maria Henehan, said in a statement issued by Mendoza’s office.

The Henehans could not be reached for comment, but in the statement they said they had met with Mendoza about the matter.

Kristine Williams, Mendoza’s spokeswoman, said the family was reacting to anonymous criticism online about Caitlin’s colorful design, which showed Chicago’s first responders as caped superheroes flying beyond the city skyline.

Last week, Mendoza pulled the design of the original winner, 15-year-old Lawrence Hall Youth Services student Herbie Pulgar, saying Pulgar’s heart and hands design could be “misconstrued as containing gang symbols.”

Pulgar and his mother tearfully denied that the design was anything other than the young man using his artistic talent to try to improve his life.

Mendoza also admitted that tears had been shed in the clerk’s office over the decision and that she would personally give Pulgar $1,000, the amount of the savings bond for the contest winner.

The sticker will now be designed in-house, a process that won’t delay the printing and distribution of the stickers, Williams said.

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  1. February 13, 2012 at 1:42 pm

    OKAY so according to the Chicagoist online, the source of this whole mess was an anonymous police blogger with an obscene online nickname. And this source is supposed to be credible and this is what got blown up across the net and news media? “Detective Shaved Longcock” started this whole thing? WTF????


    City Will Not Use Any Art From City Sticker Contest

    Caitlin Henehan, Senior, Resurrection High School The Chicago city sticker contest took another weird turn yesterday after City Clerk Susana Mendoza announced that the design drawn by first runner-up Caitlin Henehan would not be used. Mendoza’s office instead will design the sticker in house, which should be ready in time for you to scramble for one at the last minute in July.
    Henehan’s family informed Mendoza they were withdrawing her design and released a statement that indicated the “unwanted media and public scrutiny and criticism of her artwork” was too much for the Resurrection High School student to handle. Marty and Maria Henehan said in the statement:
    “While our daughter truly enjoyed participating in the design contest and was proud to see Chicago select her as the first runner up, what should have been a happy accomplishment in her life has now turned sour.”
    Mendoza spokeswoman Kristine Williams said the family reacted to “anonymous criticism” about Caitlin Henehan’s artwork, which was supposed to replace the original winning city sticker design of Herbert Pulgar. Pulgar’s design was pulled last week after anonymous police blogger “Detective Shaved Longcock” claimed it contained gang symbolism. Mendoza pulled Pulgar’s design and said the position of the hands “could be misinterpreted” as gang signs.
    Both Pulgar and his art teacher said the position of the hands “Longcock” expertly described as the pitchfork symbol of the Maniac Latin Disciples instead closely resembled a photo Pulgar used as a reference to draw the hands. Mendoza said she would personally buy a $1,000 savings bond for Pulgar, which he would have earned for winning the contest.

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