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Can We Leave Minors Out of Political Infighting, Por Favor?

Mayor’s Rahm Emanuel has had a contentious reign right out of the gates.  Maybe he should have kept all of those steak dinners with Daley on the downlow.  Before the election, people tried to keep him off the mayoral ballot with the issue of whether or not he was a legal resident of Chicago or Illinois.  War erupted with the head of Chicago Public Schools when a new officiant / director broke his employment contract out east and was brought in without approval of the school board, then was hailed as a union breaker by the teachers, who were then down sized and are still fighting to get their jobs back.  During the transition old vendettas and pressure came down on former head of police Jody Weis – I think whom was unfairly flogged in the media- and there was no head of the police department for a long while.  Then add the Burge torture confession mess and ongoing fallout.  A couple of school shootings, Occupy Chicago protesters roughed up on camera and the NATO and G8 summit on the horizon this spring.  Preemptive anti-protester laws regarding noise and curfews are being written and are in the works of passing or trying to be passed to suppress NATO / G8 activists.  At least these are being challenged.  The sudden realignment of the voting Wards, which I am highly suspicious of, has the rumor mill flying that this was a planned action to break up Black, Latino, and Rahm opposition voting Wards, thus negating their voting power by watering it down.  We call this “Chicago Machine Politics” -those in power stay in power by using their power to keep anyone else from gaining access to power.

It may be at the point that enough people hate Rahm’s guts to fight over anything, absolutely anything.  The new kerfuffle is over a sticker drawn by a school child.  There is a yearly art contest, and kids high school age and under can submit art for what becomes the city vehicle sticker.  You must buy one if you are in city limits and if you live in a neighborhood with Zone Parking, you must pay for the right to park on the street where you live in addition to having to buy a car sticker.

I’m not making this up.  I have to pay for both a city sticker and a parking permit.  Small cars are $85.00, large cars and SUVs are now $135.00, Zone Parking permits are $25.00.  Commercial truck city stickers go up to $450.00  Go look for yourself.  If you just moved here, you still have to pay but the price is pro-rated.  People used to try to break into cars to steal city stickers and place them in their own car, but they are now registered to the make, model and license plates of your car and come with a bar code.  Since we have to pay a chunk of change for them, everyone pays attention to the city parking sticker designs; they are high profile.  I always felt it was nice that use of kids’ art showed the success of a child or young adult.

So now comes the allegations of the new sticker having gang signs.  If a white kid drew it, would there be allegations?  I could not find the name of the child who made the design, but I bet it’s more like “Hector Ramirez” and less like “Jennifer Miller”.  I don’t see gang signs in this; maybe I did not stare long enough.  If reaching hands and and hearts are enough to constitute “gang signs” the Catholic parishes in the city better get ready for a police raid for all the Jesus paintings and stained glass.  

The worst part is, people just took this kid’s success as an artist and dragged it into a political conflict  that made national news.  Kid who made this, if you are reading this, realize that art can have this much power and don’t back down.  The person who named the image posted online named it “120208-chicago-gang-sticker-hsml-7a”.  WTF?  Don’t let them label you or your art, kid!  You keep going!

Original Story Source Here

Also, real nice job on drawing the Hancock building.  Anytime I tried to draw it looked like a fishnet stocking stuck on a box.  ❤


City Clerk Susana Mendoza is meeting with Jody Weis and other gang experts.  Meanwhile, the identity of the child and origins of the art are revealed:

More than 18,000 people voted for the 2012-2013 design by 15-year-old Lawrence Hall Youth Services student Herbert Pulgar. The sticker features the Chicago skyline, the city flag and outstretched hands.

When the sticker was chosen, Pulgar told NBCChicago on “The Talk” that he created the design to thank everyone who helped him during a tragic incident more than 10 years ago. When he was 4 years old, he said his clothes caught on fire when he was playing with a candle.

“The paramedics came and they saved my life,” Pulgar said, “and I’m thankful for that, and this is how I can repay them.”

Some police sources and police blogs said the design resembles the signs often flashed by Maniac Latin Disciples, along with other iconography.

Pulgar’s art teacher, Janice Gould, disagrees. Gould showed NBCChicago the picture the boy used as his guide for the hands. He drew a near-exact replica of a “reaching for the stars” photo included in the teacher’s “hands” booklet she gives to kids.

Gould said she wanted to teach Pulgar to believe in himself. “This has undone that,” she said.

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