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Chris Drew Court Case Update

Chris Drew of the Art Patch Project in Chicago will be back on court for the “eavesdropping charge” regarding recording his own arrest in 2010.  The law allows for a maximum penalty of up to fifteen years while the defense is challenging the Constitutionality of the law.  Drew has sent out a broadcast looking for people to attend as this is a significant date:

Valentines Day Protest at my Court Hearing.

At long last we are moving rapidly toward a trial. It will still not come until late spring or early summer but it will be upon us swiftly. This next court date is our opportunity to begin to organize to make this trial for audio-recording my arrest for selling art for $1 into a national/international event that properly embarrasses the City of Chicago for violating its citizen’s rights. On February 14th we will have the oral arguments over our motion to dismiss my case based on First Amendment issues. This will be a very interesting discussion – well worth your attendance.

We need all supporters who want to help to meet us at 26th and California on February 14th at 10:30am in front of room 602. Those who will be there should reply to this e-mail so we can plan. This will be a very quiet show of force. We will save the theatrics for the trial.

A little perspective is valuable. The State’s Attorney’s Office would like to frame this as simply a trial of a long haired troublemaker charged with violating the rights of a hard working policeman. It is not. It is about silencing the voice of an activist in Chicago with a long prison sentence. Your voices are valuable. For more background on this charge and my arrest visit my blog at http://www.c-drew.com/blog.

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