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Book Recommendation: FLIGHT, Volumes 1 – 7

I have overwhelmingly enjoyed the FLIGHT anthologies presented by editor and art director Kazu Kibuishi.  Volume 8 is out and I am in the process of trying to get it from the library.  Each book is a collection of graphic short stories, styles range from cartoon, manga, comic book and artistic.  There is such a wide range of styles and stories and so much great work.  The first volume stayed with the theme of having “flight” in the narrative of each work.  This was very nice, and wisely abandoned by volume two, which doubles in size.  There is no simple description for FLIGHT.  It is a wide berth of creativity, offering tales from memories, folk tales, fantasies, harsh realities, interior worlds and imagined worlds.

A lot of the people that contributed to these books work in animation professionally and many works started as online web comics or were in online forums.  There are many one-shot stories and few that carry from book to book in short serials.  If you like a particular story or artist, it is easy to branch out from the FLIGHT anthologies to find more of their work online or in other books.

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