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Art History: Jasper Johns Lithograph

I think an artist could easily make a whole career riffing on the Who’s Afraid of Red, Yellow and Blue? painting by Barnett Newman in 1966.  There’s just so much to work with.  The holy trinity of the traditional Western color wheel has been a trope for decades.  Johns, Newman and other American artists of that generation had a lot of fun kicking it around, so it always makes me smile when I find another work in that vein.  I found this Jasper Johns lithograph in a sales ad for a gallery and/or art dealer in the December 2006 copy of Art in America magazine.  I think the round images are roulette wheels in motion, with the numbers below overlapping and also reflecting motion.  Jasper Johns always struck me as having a bit of snark, a mischievous streak in his personality, evidenced by the green snuck into the lower right corner.

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