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Artist of the Week: SARK

Artist and author SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) works primarily in watercolor and has published a number of books.  I classify her as a folk artist with a bright, colorful style.  She hand writes out her books instead of having them typeset; it is very personal and a lot of manual labor.  She frequently combines text and art.  SARK deals with personal growth through art, especially for herself and others who have survived trauma and tragedy.  Her work has an honesty and an innocence, simple and unpretentious; her art and autobiography overlap with a warm sense of humor and the egalitarian message that everyone can find healing through creativity.

In an interview, SARK said she knows that art is healing “because of how it heals me and how I see it healing other people every day. Through art, we come alive through the deep connections to our souls and spirits.

“I’m talking about being ‘artists of life,’ not only visual artists. I believe there is an ‘art of living’ and that this art practiced heals each of us everyday in small and significant ways.” [source]

SARK has been through too much in her life to be anything other than herself, which she unleashes in an ongoing joyous abundance.  The best way to appreciate her work is through her books and I very much enjoyed her essays and musing in Succulent Wild Woman.  Her main website is at Planet SARK.

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