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Artist of the Week: David Mayhew

David Mayhew’s work may seem like photographic landscapes, but it really is the sky he is interested in.  Perfectly framed stills of scenes in sharp focus with strong color saturation is his signature style.  He is known for both rural and urban shots, but his favorite subject is storms, especially tornadoes.

Chasing tornadoes is where art and extreme danger meet.  The few times I have seen a tornado or a funnel cloud were scary enough, and the ones around me are much smaller in size and shorter in duration than the massive ones out of the open Plains out west.  I can also understand the impulse to chase storms; the last time I saw a tornado cell forming, I did run and get my camera and took some shots before I ran for cover.  There is a hypnotic awe in the quickly shifting skies of a super cell.  David Mayhew has been storm chasing on the professional level for years now and has stunning images of the fickle skies above, both in the height of their beauty and at their deadliest.

David Mayhew is constantly working year after year and has a huge portfolio here.  Definitely go and see his work, there are so many amazing, skilled photographs.  What little I have posted here is not representative of his work.  He travels the country extensively, and any of the times I’ve met up with him in Chicago, he was always offering the highest quality prints of his best work.  He has representation in Chicago through The Leigh Gallery on 3306 N. Halstead Street.

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