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Book Recommendation: Conquering YouTube

If you ever wished you went to film school and learned all the stuff they teach you in film school, but you wisely decided to not spend the time and tens of thousands of dollars that generally go to waste from students that go to film school, this book is for you.  Jay Miles devised this book to be a DIY series of lessons for people working at home and on a low budget.  It teaches all of the basics of camera work, such as framing, lighting and types of shots.  Methods of editing video, organizing a story and troubleshooting problems are all included.  There are exercises to teach the methods described and are intended to build your budding skills.  I did not do them, but I can see where they would be very helpful.

This book is not specific to YouTube; it is really a blend of photography, cinematography and editing lessons.  I figure the title is to catch the interest of a group of younger readers that want to make their own movies and television serials for an audience.  The writing is really casual and at some points the whole “email from a buddy” tone of the author got on my nerves.  At least he skipped the emoticons and text speak.  The book is heavily illustrated, so there are many still frame images accompanying the information, which I found helpful.  A big feature of the book involves techniques specifically for video cameras with adjustable lenses and manual settings, preferably cameras with an input for an external microphone.  The only video camera I have is my itty bitty Flip Mino HD; so I can’t use much of the knowledge in this book.  I ever get to upgrade to better camera, then I’m going back to this book immediately.

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