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Artist of the Week: Ronda Dibbern

Gold lamp with paper silver and gold shade by Ronda Dibbern

Ronda Dibbern’s work brings art and design together in the spirit of the quote by William Morris, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.”   I have wished over the years Morris had added a third category for items as having particular merit for possessing both attributes .  Ronda Dibbern’s work achieves this.

A majority of ceramic art overlaps design for functional pieces.  Non-sculptural pieces have practical uses for drinkware, various bowls and dishes, serving platters and cookware.  I love pieces like these and have a considerable collection of functional ceramic works.  Functional ceramics bridge the gap between art and design by combining the two.  Ronda Dibbern is the first ceramic artist that I have encountered making functional wheel thrown pieces for electric lamps.

Pair of Graphite lamps with maple shades by Ronda Dibbern

Each carefully crafted lamp brings together elements of metallic finishes, stone or clay finishes and subtle glazes paired with various woods, papers and elegant fabric shades.  She does not find the works to be limiting but full of depth as expressed in her artist statement:

I am inspired daily by my surroundings—both the natural and the constructed urban landscape.  Often it is at the crux of the two, that I find the greatest interplay of the two opposing forces working against and with each other to create something beautiful.  The beauty lies within each separately, the interplay of each together and the resulting balance.  But even then, it isn’t until I am able to apply the visual and implied inspiration into the creation process through clay, the craft transcends into another form of beauty.

The ceramic medium is the ideal form of expressing the interplay of opposing forces as it allows itself to be molded, constructed, carved, cracked, eroded, fired and re-fired; creating a lifecycle of transformation.

 After ten years of working with the medium, I have yet to become bored or frustrated.  Contrary, I have found myself challenged by the media and driven to experiment to find the new ways to express myself.  The continual creative process only builds future experimentation and expression.

Aqua lamp with fabric shade by Ronda Dibbern

Metallic lamp with birch shade by Ronda Dibbern

Cream and Evergreen lamp with fabric shade by Ronda Dibbern

See more of her work and contact the artist through her studio, Ronda Ruby Ceramics; the portfolio website is here.

  1. Wendy Willman
    January 9, 2012 at 7:49 pm

    Are these for sale they are Beautiful and I need lamps and Love these!

  2. January 10, 2012 at 6:54 pm

    Yes, please contact the artist through her website. She had a very nice showing of a selection of her lamps for sale at the Ravenswod Art Festival here in Chicago last fall. Her website is: http://www.rondaruby.com/index.com.html.

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