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Collage Meets Mosaic

December 28, 2011

A friend gave me a second-hand jewelry design book.  Handmade Jewelry: Simple Steps to Creating Wearable Art by Carol Grape is also actually sitting on my local library shelf; ironically, I saw the library copy the next day, recognizing its cover.  Some of the project ideas look a bit dated, since the book is from 1996; it is the techniques that are more interesting.  The author has an MFA in sculpture and has a different approach to home-made jewelry.  A lot of projects in the book focus on using recycled materials and techno-trash.

What really caught my attention was a project to make collage or hand-made paper art into jewelry pins using foam core board; an artist had taken this idea one step further and made a collage of shaped dimensional pieces.  It looks kind of like a pretty quilt.  You could use this technique with quilt patterns or other geometric patterns.  Shapes with straight edges would be the easiest to work with.  This approach is new to me because I do collage and am used to paper collage being flat.  If there are 3-D objects included, I classify the work as multimedia collage, assemblage art or sculptural assemblage.  Here are the two pages of instruction from the book for the jewelry pin project and the version made as a mosaic collage.

The pin idea could also be used to make tiny versions of your artwork, you could take paintings or prints of your art and make computer print outs for the pins.  This could be an easy low cost sales item or promotional giveaway.   Business cards are boring and you can count on ninety per cent of them being thrown away.  The remaining ten per cent may be used a a book marker.

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