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Artist of the Week: Joseph Klibansky

December 18, 2011

I was very excited when I first saw the work of Joseph Klibansky. I was standing in front of a wall that was a window into another world.  I really liked the glossy large format of the works, full of imagination with a rhythm of bright colors moving through each image.  They were engaging, exciting and beautiful. 

I had identified them as strictly digital works at first, especially with the photo collage technique.  I later learned that they are mostly digital compositions with some paint and physical media used in their creation, and therefore are multi-media. 

Title: Heavy Traffic

Dimensions:196 x 110 cm / 77.2 x 43.3 in


  • Mixed media / photographic
  • mounted on aluminum
  • finished with high gloss resin

Edition of:7

Year of creation:2008

Title : Overgrown

Technique :

  • mixed media / photography / acrylic paint / fluorescent inks
  • mounted on an aluminum composite (dibond)
  • finished with high gloss resin

Edition of : 7 Year of creation : 2011

See more work by Joseph Klibansky at his portfolio website here. Definitely watch this short three minute video of the artist speaking about his work and process:

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