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Artist Trading Cards: One Source Challenge

December 16, 2011

I was flipping through a free local Chicago magazine for dog lovers and noticed that it had a lot of nice photographs.  It’s a slender publication that is available on the streets and in the lobbies of shops and libraries.  Between the advertisements and the articles, many images jumped out at me.  I decided to find my favorite photos and make them into ATCs. 

My goal was to make a series of cards all from this one source.  It involved narrowing down the number of images and cropping the ones I liked the most and had the best impact as a set.  I tied them all together by using the same paper on the reverse side, printed with a photo-realistic green lawn pattern, and used a purplish-blue metallic paint on the front.  It was a fun afternoon design project.

Of course, I pretty much latched onto the idea of the challenge of making a set of artist trading cards from just this one source because of my favorite photograph.  I just couldn’t send a face like this to the recycle bin.

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