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Artist of the Week: Arnaldo Pomodoro

December 10, 2011

Grande Disco by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Bronze, 1968 at University of Chicago   

This large scale bronze sculpture on the campus of the University of Chicago caught my attention.  My initial impression was that the work was referring to the splitting of the atom and the Manhattan Project as started on the University of Chicago campus by Enrico Fermi.  This is my own projection since I closely associate the Manhattan Project with UC, grew up with verbal lore of mutant albino deer wandering the Fermi Lab properties at Argonne and have also been to Oak Ridge, Tennessee.  

The work literally translated means “Grand Disc”.  Arnaldo Pomodoro has variations on the large disc theme -one has a solar title- and variations on themes of spheres and wall-like sculptures.  Grande Disco has multiples in various locations.  An online search showed this work in Charlotte, North Carolina; the sculpture gardens at PepsiCo world headquarters in Purchase, New, York; and the artist’s home city in Milan, Italy.

Grande Disco [detail] by Arnaldo Pomodoro (Milan, Italy), Bronze, 1968 

Arnaldo Pomodoro hails from Milan, Italy and was born in 1926.  He appears to work in bronze exclusively and his late brother Gio Pomodoro had also been a sculptor. An online search of his name reveals that his works are in locations all over the world.  There is a foundation in his home city of Milan with a collections of his work, the work of other sculptors and ongoing displays of the work of other artists; the foundation website is here.

Sphere Within Sphere (Sfera con Sfera) by Arnaldo Pomodoro, Bronze at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland

Photo: Clifford V. Johnson

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