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Current Scam Targets Visual Artists

December 8, 2011

Please be advised that a ring of larcenists are trying to do basic check kiting fraud against artists.  They are very patient and will communicate with you for weeks about specific art works for sale. They are pretty convincing but noticeably ESL. They will call, give “their” addresses and mail things. The jig was up when I got what I instantly knew to be a fake money order for the wrong amount mailed from the United Kingdom. This is the basic internet scam where the con is for you to send the “difference” of the check or money order back to the source. They have access to stolen credit cards and are doing the same to money launder / get cash before the credit card is shut down.

Reports combine the buyers claiming locations of living or travel in New Jersey, Cancun, London, Johannesburg. There is a component of a shipping company or FedEx to be used to pick up the art work “purchased”; you may be contacted by phone or email from the alleged shipping company. There are often elaborate reasons for delay in response for emails: travel, a wedding for a twin sister, pregnancy / complications with a pregnancy, husband is going to a new job overseas, etc.

Please re-post this; put this on your local Craigslist, Facebook and other outlets.

Blog post here: http://stopartscams.blogspot.com/2010/06/artist-experience-barbara-santos-scam.html#comment-form

A list of some aliases, email addresses and IP addresses:   http://www.kathleenmcmahon.com/info/scammer-names.html

Expanded blog with sample emails from scammers:  http://stopartscams.blogspot.com/

Some aliases used are:

Martina Suarez email: edwedg17@gmail.com – contacted me in Chicago through Columbia College student portfolio site, sent 2 fake checks

Jeffrey Chapman   lilbusterman008@gmail.com – trolled me from Craigslist

Mrs. Elizabeth Benson  eryben6@gmail.com – trolled me from Craigslist

Barbara Santos [barb.saint001@mybestmail.com] or [barb.saint010@mybestmail.com]

Patricia Santos

Patricia Fenton

Barbara and Jeff from from Johannesburg

Joseph Caldwell

Edmond Vale

Diana and Jeff Thobela

Barbara Williams (formerly Santos) at b_williams1011@yahoo.com.hk

Jane Rizzo at jan.riz00@mybestmail.com.

Debby Barnes

Kathy Barnes

Jeffrey and Ashley Kiley jeff.ley0101@yahoo.com

Sharon Jones 0101@mybestmail.com

Sharon Wood

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