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Chicago Art Patch Project Update

November 30, 2011

Chris Drew sent out an email update on the Art Patch project that I have been participating in.  This is an ongoing political action to revive Chicago street culture, especially street art sales.  If you have been to Chicago, you know there is a lack of street musicians and a total lack of visual artists.  We’ve been legislated off the streets and it is time for reform.

We invite you to visit our website section for the Free Speech Artists’ Movement  at http://art-teez.org/free-speech.htm
There you will find links to court cases artists have won against cities in our nation which have passed illegal laws preventing artists from exercising their full speech rights. Please take some time to read a case. You will learn quite a bit about your legal speech rights. If you have questions, do not hesitate to e-mail us. I will respond back.

The first goal of the Free Speech Artists’ Movement is to create a city wide discussion of artists’ speech rights to educate the public about why there are no open-air art scenes (markets) in Chicago. This is why we need you to learn more about speech and First Amendment law. You are the teachers who will educate the public and other artists.

My blog is about my printing patches in public and giving them away to educate the public as to why there is an absence of artists selling on the street in Chicago. I collect signatures for this petition while printing. The City claims in court they need to keep the of selling art restricted to prevent a public safety hazard resulting from our blocking of foot traffic. I explain how my rights are violated and document the fact that my presence does not block traffic at the spots I chose to print in. Please visit my blog and comment on my writings to improve and increase the value of this blog.

Our second goal of this petition is to organize artists. Once we sue the City of Chicago to gain our full speech rights to sell on the streets and public ways of Chicago we will need to be organized to pressure politicians to write better laws. We only need three artists to sue the city. However, we need your stories to show the court and the public how our rights are violated. If you have ever tried to sell your art on the streets of Chicago – please tell us  your experiences. In the end a few artists will be chosen to actually sue. You can participate risk free but not without effort.

Please help us make Chicago more friendly to artists. Thanks again for signing our petition.
C. Drew
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