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Probably Not Getting Past Customs

November 29, 2011

I’ve run into a problem with a care package I am sending to my friend Heather in the Peace Corps.  I am mailing her oil paints and art supplies, and I checked with art supply catalogs: you cannot send solvents through the mail.  (Well, I guess you technically can; it’s just not safe or legal to do so.)  Uh oh!

This is going to send Heather on a language barrier riddled hunt for a solvent to use as a paint vehicle and brush cleaner.  Since she is in a really rural part of the Ukraine, that could be difficult.  I had wanted to send her the new formulation of water soluble oil paints, but the cost of these rapidly became prohibitive.  They are more than double the cost of traditional oil paints.  We mulled it over on IM, and she feels she will be able to sort out the need for a solvent on her end.  Meanwhile, I definitely clarified I can’t mail solvents.  Pay attention to this if you send any holiday art gifts.  This is explains why those adorable boxed art kits have oil sticks and oil paints and never had any kind of a solvent in it.

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