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Artist of the Week: Mandy Adamick

November 27, 2011

Metro and Vic Theaters by Mandy Adamick, digital photography & design on canvas

If you want to be a photographer in Chicago, you are going to have a great deal of competition.  Many photographers have specialized in iconic views of the city and its architecture, over the course of decades, and there is a inundation of photographic cityscape works. 

Mandy Adamick has taken her urban photographs to another level with digital design.  She takes the photographs, puts them together as digital photo collages with limited color, and prints the works on canvas.  They are presented as paintings with gallery wrapped edges and a nice physical medium for her digital art.

Chicago River by Mandy Adamick, digital photography & design on canvas

I like these works; they are interesting for the sake of being dynamic.  If you go to galleries and art shows in Chicago a lot like I do, you will eventually find a one-thousandth photograph of the water tower at Water Tower Place on North Michigan Avenue and just hate it because it has been done a thousand times before.  Mandy Adamick gives you views of the city on her terms, layered in digital collages, without the usual tropes of iconic landmarks as schtick.

Union Station by Mandy Adamick, digital photography & design on canvas

Mandy Adamick has a portfolio home site here.  It is easier to access views of her works on her sales site here.  I do wish her happy travels and designing for her future work.

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