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Visual Culture: Protest Meme

November 21, 2011

I am joining the meme protest to mock and draw awareness to the decision of the police of UC Davis California and one Lt. John Pike.  May digital rage rain down on your heads for an indefinite period of time and the whole force deserves every minute of public crucifixion.  The videos are an outrage and administration trying to spin doctor the incident is ludicrous.

I dearly miss Isaac Asimov who would have pointed out that violence is the first choice of the incompetent.  How much of a threat are seated college students that anyone needs weapons?  If these idiots had half a brain, they cold have come up with a better solution.  Maybe wait about ten hours, let the kids get tired and then set a few dozen pizzas across the quad.  Or ask really nicely to not block the road.  It’s not exactly an interstate freeway, I think a protest in that location is not going to back up traffic for the whole city.    

Read the article, see the video: 


Here is your pre-cut out Lt. John Pike to casually pepper spray everything with.  My hat is off to the Kent State shooting and Seurat mash ups, whoever did those is brilliant.  Keep this meme going because it is a protest!

PNG-24 with transparent background

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