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Artist of the Week: Craig Thompson

November 20, 2011


Creator of prior books including Blankets, Craig Thompson has come out with Habibi, a fantasy tale about real world problems.  I was deeply moved by the raw honesty and eloquence of Blankets and was anticipating this book signing for weeks.  I pulled together a seventeen minute video of his visit to The Book Cellar independent book store in my Chicago neighborhood.  I tried to get the stronger points from his presentation.  Thompson expressed that this book was completed over the course of seven years, and he really did not work on other projects during this time.

I love his personal, fluid drawing style, the humanity expressed in his portrayals of people and the way he addresses the suffering caused by social concerns in the new book.  My friend Rae Ann Menotti, often a keen and rapid observer, flipped through my freshly autographed copy shortly after I left the book shop.  She liked Thompson’s artwork, having seen it for the first time.  She responded to the strong emotions and expressions in the drawn eyes and faces.  “He perfectly expresses vulnerability.”

Craig Thompson has a blog here.  There is a promotional website for Habibi with more art and selections of pages as they progress from pencil sketches to finished works here.

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