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Visual Culture: Culture Jamming for Homelessness Awareness

November 14, 2011

Brilliant in their simplicity and subtlety; this is culture jamming at its finest.  I found this image online and was able to find other signs in the series on different websites.  I eventually found a blog post about the source:


The Spacing Wire (spacing.ca/ wire) has cracked the mystery of the official-looking “homeless” signs posted downtown, which we first wrote about on Saturday. Shawn Micaleff writes that the signs — which include such messages as ”Quiet: Homeless Sleeping” — were by Ontario College of Art and Design student Mark Daye. He has a quote from Mr. Daye: ”Instead of rebranding a product or service for my fourth year thesis project, I chose to represent a local population that usually gets overlooked. I re-coded official signage and affixed 30 of them to poles in the downtown core with messages pertaining to an obvious but ignored urban subculture. The goal was not only to catch people off guard by creating signs that acknowledge the homeless population on a seemingly official level, but to get people to think about codes of behaviour, conformity, acceptance and to maybe spare some consideration for the homeless who live mostly ignored in the city, blending into the background just like the signs.”

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