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Artist of the Week: Denise Handwerker

November 12, 2011

Have you ever run a wool sweater through the washer and drier, and it shrunk to doll size?  If you have, you made felt on accident.  Denise Handwerker is making felt on purpose, such as the lovely flower brooch I bought from her this year.  She uses parts of recycled wool and cashmere sweaters to make brooches, wristers, coasters, scarves and other sewn items. 

I love when artists create new works with the waste our current manufacturing economy produces, materials that may otherwise end rotting in the city landfill.  It takes a steady stream of innovation, persistence and problem solving to turn waste into something beneficial, even beautiful.  See more of Denise Handwerker’s work and acquire unique items at her website here.  And if you have any torn, shrunken or unwanted wool sweaters, she’s interested.

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