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I made another digital design

November 11, 2011

Art Patch by Shellie Lewis

I made another digital design for the ongoing art patch project with the Uptown Multicultural Center.  I partially had the idea for this one because I wanted to silk screen it on a torn older bed sheet with Chinese calligraphy printed on it.  Each art patch came out a little different depending on where the printed ideograms fell in the pattern in relation to how I cut up the sheet.

This sheet set was a popular bedroom design some time ago.  It may not be the most radical stand anyone ever took; I just think teachers should be teaching kids more instead of trying to find ways to teach them less.  People keep worrying about globalism and cynics like to intone that “China is going to win.”  China might be up a notch in international competition if we’re sleeping on their writing system instead of learning it.

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