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Artist Trading Cards by Kids, Part 1

November 9, 2011

Ivana, 3-D origami artist trading card

Hockey Blogger Boyfriend recently headed out with magazines, my paper scraps and my artist trading cards to teach a workshop on what they are and about making collages for a class of seventh grade Chicago Public School kids.  Teaching enthusiastic kids is terrific; they are rarely inhibited about being creative and will gobble up art supplies like locusts.  HBBF learned this as they rapidly devoured the paper supplies and the speediest students made multiples.  Chicago Public School kids get an hour of art instruction a week, or less, so they really get into art projects with a passion.

Here are a portion of the ATCs they made and the first name of the student who created it.  I wanted to give the kids credit for the art work under their full names, but then HBBF worried about online predators.  It was settled I would just use first names because we live in an online connected world where the fear of serial killing kid rapers messes up something as simple as what child made a tiny collage.  On a brighter note, they really took to the medium and have a low cost physical media that they can continue to work with on their own indefinitely, or at least as long as their glue sticks hold out.








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